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Born and raised in Pittsburgh PA, I always knew I wanted to be a creator of some sort. After testing the waters with many hobbies, I ultimately ended up studying Music Theatre at Baldwin Wallace University where I earned my bachelors of music in 2022.

I consider myself to be a very creative performer with abstract ideas and an optimistic attitude. Some of my favorite things include visual art, Halloween, meeting new people, and catching reptiles in the wilderness (don't worry, I set them free).

Outside of theatre

Alongside performing, I have many other interests including oil painting, photography, sculpting, thrift shopping (I have a whole collection of windbreaker jackets), fashion, party planning, TikTok,  and hanging out with my mom. 

As an actor myself, I know headshots can be stressful, so I like to do what I can to help my friends out. Although some of my work is paid, I mostly take pictures just for fun, and will often set up a spontaneous photoshoot with a friend just for something to do!


Pictured above is my 22" ceramic seahorse, Majesty, showcased in the 2021 Fawick Art Gallery.

"The day you stop crying for something you love is the day you need to go and do something else."

- Steve irwin

(My biggest role model since childhood).

here is some recent photography!



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